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Personal growth initiative (PGI) is an intrinsically motivated engagement in growth processes that contribute to their ability to excel in sporting performance (Robitschek, 1998), and PGI may also predict their grit as well. Like PGI, team cohesion influences both performance and well-being in athletes, and little research has explored how spiritually oriented coaching influences team cohesion. This study explored PGI, grit, competition anxiety, intrinsic motivation, and the impact of spiritual involvement in sports on team cohesion. A sample (N = 45) of collegiate athletes at private Christian universities completed self-report measures in a survey. PGI was not a significant predictor of grit. While PGI was negatively correlated with competition anxiety (r = -.41) and positively correlated with sport satisfaction (r = .41), a moderation analysis showed no presence of PGI moderating the relationship between competition anxiety and sport satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation predicted about 16.8% of the variance in PGI. Spiritually oriented coaching and team activities did not predict team cohesion. I discuss implications of the findings and future directions for research.

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