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111e Old Georgian version of the Bible is one of many important pieces of the puzzle which textual critics use in their study of the ancient text of scripture. However, its precise role in studying the ancient text remains to be defined, since some critical questions about the nature of the version remain unanswered. Most pressing is the question of the version's translation base, whether Greek, Armenian, or Syriac. Related questions involve the Georgian version's proper place in the history of the New Testament textual tradition. Scholars have yet to reach a consensus regarding the development of that history and its significance for the recovery of the most ancient text of the New Testament. Research on the Old Georgian text of the New Testament will inform the general inquiry by providing a clearer picture of one component of the larger framework. The Old Georgian version has special value since it reflects the biblical tradition of an Eastern church which remained faithful to the Greco-Byzantine world, in sharp distinction to its other Eastern neighbors.

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