Mason Lee

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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Master of Arts

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Tim Sensing

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James W. Thompson


Two gaps currently exist within the field of homiletics relating to the Pauline literature. First, while the body of literature that focuses on Narrative Preaching has grown considerably in the last twenty years, this literature has largely ignored the Pauline Corpus. In addition to this gap within the literature of Narrative Preaching, current applications of the philosophical and theological work of Paul Ricoeur to contemporary homiletics have left questions of the applicability of Ricoeur's work to the Pauline corpus largely unanswered. The thesis attempts to fill these two spaces by offering an interpretive strategy for creating narrative sermons that combines the narrative hermeneutic of Paul Ricoeur, specifically his theory of three-fold mimesis, as such an interpretive strategy. In order to show the possibilities for the Pauline corpus, this thesis then reads 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 for its narrative substructure to display how one might apply Ricoeur's theory of mimesis with the narrative features of Paul's letters and produces a narrative sermon based on this interpretive strategy. With this interpretive strategy in hand, this thesis then looks to other questions and possible areas of continued research.

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