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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Dr. Cynthia M. Sims

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Dr. Kipi Fleming

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Dr. Karmyn Downs


This study examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and conflict management styles in Black women leaders in the United States. The lack of literature surrounding Black women leaders' emotional intelligence or conflict management styles presented an opportunity to offer quantitative data connected to these constructs. A cross-sectional survey design was used to administer three surveys the Situational Test of Emotional Management- B, the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory, and a modified version the Multidimensional Inventory of Black of Identity, that focused on Black female identity. Data from 124 participants were analyzed to learn if identity mediated the relationship between emotional intelligence and conflict management. Pearson correlations, linear regressions, and a test of the mediation of identity were conducted. Results established that identity did not mediate any of the variables; however, the findings showed that Black women leaders with higher levels of emotional intelligence will employ conflict management styles with higher concern for others and with lower levels of emotional intelligence decreased concern for others. Finally, this study showed that Black women with weaker intersectional identities have lower levels of emotional intelligence.

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