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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Molly Kuhle

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Donna R. Atobajeun


The purpose of this project was to identify the impact of in-person, hands-only CPR education for community members on their confidence and ability in performing CPR. Bystander-initiated CPR is an important aspect in the survival and outcomes of those that experience a cardiac arrest in the community. The hands-only CPR method was developed to help increase bystander-initiated CPR and improve outcomes for those experiencing a cardiac arrest at home. This project was quasi-experimental, using pretest and posttest data. Community members took the Basic Resuscitation Skills Self-Efficacy Scale (BRS-SES) before and after the hands-only CPR education video to determine how the education impacted their confidence and ability as it related to performing hands-only CPR. The test utilized a Likert scale to allow participants to rank their confidence on different sections of assessing the need for and performing CPR. Participants were adults over 18 years old residing in Tarrant County, Texas who wanted to learn hands-only CPR. Classes were held in community church classrooms. The researcher analyzed the collected data using a paired t test for the matched surveys to determine the difference after the hands-only CPR education. The data analysis showed an increase in confidence and ability in each domain after the educational intervention, including an increase in overall confidence in performing CPR, if necessary, after receiving education. The results of this project showed that providing community members with in-person, hands-only CPR education can increase their confidence and ability in performing CPR, if necessary, potentially improving the outcomes and overall health of the community.

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