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This qualitative participatory action research study investigated the causes and impacts of brain drain on Haiti’s rural communities, focusing on a small town in Central Haiti and its surrounding communities. Research shows that the brain drain has affected developing countries for many years. The pull factors from developed countries make the push factors in the home country more evident, leaving the latter depleted of educated human resources. It is particularly true in rural communities in Haiti. The researcher aimed to understand the causes through a community-based series of interviews, focus groups, and narratives. Participants expressed their views on the phenomenon and proposed workable ways to deal with their community’s brain drain issue. The interview questions were open-ended and semiformal, affording participants the liberty to freely express their opinions. During focus group sessions, individuals told their stories while answering guided questions from the researcher. Two narratives illustrated the potential of returnees to help in the transformation of conditions in communities. The study found brain drain to be a phenomenal fact in the targeted community and the country. The causes and their impact, as observed by participants, were evident, and participants shared ideas reported in chapter 5 of this paper on how to address the issue.

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