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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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John A. Harrison

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Laura A. Perry

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Janet Tareilo


This study addressed teachers’ perceptions of safety and emergency preparedness. The problem that was addressed in this study is that lockdown drills are regularly being conducted at public high schools, but it was not known how teachers perceive their role in safety and emergency preparedness, which is important to teachers’ sense of security. The purpose of this qualitative descriptive study was to explore how lockdown drills negatively or positively affect high school teachers’ perceptions of emergency preparedness to answer the research questions regarding school safety. This study was grounded in the cognitive mediation processes framework of protection motivation theory. Data were collected from a sample of 24 teachers who worked at the study site, had at least a bachelor’s degree, and had a teaching certificate, by using semistructured interviews and focus groups. The data were analyzed using inductive thematic analysis to provide an answer to the research questions. The results of the analysis revealed that lockdown drills negatively impacted teachers’ perceptions of safety and emergency preparedness. The results led to the conclusion that school leaders must prioritize school safety and the recommendation that they must increase communication and mental health services. This study may contribute to positive social change by supporting both the emotional and physical safety needs of staff members responsible for protecting students’ lives.

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