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Organizational Leadership

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Jamie Petrilla


As online education continues to expand, a need has arisen for online teacher professional developments (OTPDs) that are tailored to fit the individualized needs of teachers. This qualitative, exploratory case study explored one faith-based, virtual school’s OTPD program within a community of inquiry framework. This study used purposive sampling to describe six teacher participants’ perceptions of the design and implementation of their OTPD as well as the pedagogical changes resulting from effective OTPD. Data were collected using two focus group discussions, a community of inquiry survey, and end-of-the-year teacher self-evaluations. Data analysis revealed three themes to answer the three research questions posed by this study. Study findings indicated that (a) teachers found OTPD effective when it was relevant to their individual needs, (b) intentional OTPD led to pedagogical changes within the classroom, and (c) teachers felt a sense of community when all three presences were integrated into effective OTPD. Consequently, school administrators and professional development designers need to avoid designing and implementing OTPD that is a “one size fits all” OTPD. Instead, OTPD planners need to individualize OTPDs that are relevant and intentional, while incorporating all three elements of the community of inquiry framework resulting in effective OTPD.

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