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The most pervasive and enduring contribution of Hermann Gunkel's form­-critical program for psalms studies is the insight that certain types of poems are par­ticularly well suited to certain types of cultic occasions. One such occasion is the fulfillment of a vow, mentioned in eight psalms, one poem outside the book of Psalms and several other contexts. To date, however, a separate category of poems for vow fulfillment has not been widely recognized. The form-critical insight men­tioned above raises the question whether there exists among Hebrew poems a genre of poems for vow fulfillment. The recurrence in the psalms of phrases in which a first person D form of the verb "fulfill," takes as its object a form of the noun נדר, "vow," further suggests the existence of a genre of poems for vow fulfillment. Such phrases appear in Psalms 22; 56; 61; 66; 116 and Jonah 2:3-10, making them can­didates for inclusion in such a genre.

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