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Organizational Leadership

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Master of Science

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Dr. Simone Elias

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Dr. Linda Wilson-jones



The study presented denotes a continuous transition among the Hispanic and/or Latino demographics in the military and the cadet accounts of military inequality incidents while in the military (Cabrera et al., 2017; Eckel & King, 2004). To assist Hispanic and/or Latino needs based on demographics and environment (National Center for Education Statistics, 2019). Military leaders contribute to growing a diverse, inclusive, and equitable military force for all ethnic groups. The Department of Defense (DoD) is the most racially and ethnically diverse workplace in the United States (Daniel et al., 2022). Nevertheless, racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination in the military continue to hinder military readiness (Daniel et al., 2022). Limited research in recognizing components of leadership in the military prevents intervention. The Hispanic and/or Latino findings determined how workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion relate to leadership. The study resumes today in identifying improvement in racial/ethnic relations in the military. Lastly, the results discovered the military leadership's attentiveness to the central issue of active-duty military officers.


Man cannot discover new

oceans unless he has the courage

to lose sight of the


Andre Gide

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