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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Colleen P. Ramos

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Linda Wilson-Jones


This study investigated strategies to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives in organizational leadership, focusing on supporting women of color in the workplace. The specific problem addressed was the underrepresentation and barriers faced by women of color in leadership positions despite their potential contributions to organizational success. The study employed a qualitative approach, combining qualitative interviews with socioeconomic data analysis. Data collection methods included semistructured interviews with women of color and a survey to gather demographic and employment information. The sample consisted of 16 women of color human resource professionals working in various industries and organizational settings across the United States. Research procedures involved thematic and sentiment analysis of interview transcripts, qualitative analysis of survey data, and integration of findings to derive key insights. The results indicated that women of color encountered systemic barriers related to gender, race, and intersectional identities in the workplace, leading to limited access to leadership opportunities and disparities in career advancement. Key conclusions from the study underscored the importance of implementing targeted diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives to address the unique challenges faced by women of color, including mentorship programs, flexible work arrangements, and recognition of transformational leadership behaviors. Overall, the study contributed to the growing body of literature on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in organizational leadership by offering actionable recommendations for promoting equity and empowerment among women of color.

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