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Doctor of Education

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Dianne Reed

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Clementine Msengi

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Deardra Hayes-Whigham


This qualitative study explored the experiences of Black faculty at predominantly White institutions (PWIs) in southeastern Florida. The aim was to uncover the unique challenges influencing the retention of Black faculty in these settings and to identify supportive mechanisms enhancing their tenure and job satisfaction. Data collection involved semistructured interviews with Black faculty at Florida PWIs, employing snowball sampling for participant recruitment. Thematic analysis interpreted the data. The study contributes to the literature by suggesting strategies for PWIs to improve Black faculty retention and to promote inclusive and supportive environments. The literature review reveals the underrepresentation and disparities of Black faculty at PWIs and the importance of effective retention strategies for diversifying academia. Previous research, mainly centered on historically Black colleges and universities, often overlooks Black faculty perspectives at PWIs. This research addresses this gap, shedding light on the challenges Black faculty face at PWIs in southeastern Florida. The study found that factors such as informal mentorship, enhanced representation and student connection, recognition and value of work, and coping mechanisms with racial dynamics motivate Black faculty to remain at PWIs. Conversely, a lack of institutional commitment, undervaluation and disrespect, and the intersectionality of representation challenges, including tokenism and invisibility, significantly contribute to their decisions to leave. These insights underscore the need for comprehensive strategies at PWIs to address both retention and the challenges Black faculty face effectively. Findings may inform policies and practices to enhance Black faculty recruitment and retention at PWIs, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in these institutions.

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