Campus Location

Abilene Campus (Residential)

Date of Award

Spring 5-2018

Document Type



Social Work

Degree Name

Master of Science

Committee Chair or Primary Advisor

Kay Jang


Although strides have been made to reduce the negative effects of poverty, the

implementation of effective programs and policies is essential in the fight to end poverty. Literatures suggests that churches and faith-based programs offer clients a unique type of service due to the affiliation of religion that can be used as a strength and sense of support for clients. This study attempts to offer empirical data regarding the effectiveness of a program of this type by exploring the impact of a church-based financial coaching program for participants who received financial assistance and those who did not receive financial assistance. Paired samples t tests showed all participants improved in financial capability after the two-month program. An ANCOVA statistical analysis revealed insignificant difference in the posttest scores of financial capabilities between those who received financial assistance and those who did not. Additionally, findings showed that the group who received financial assistance had a significantly higher rating of the importance of faith to their finances. Overall, financial coaching seems to be an effective intervention for increasing financial capability and confidence in terms of finances of participants. Considering faith may have played a role in this church-based financial coaching program, it can be drawn upon in interventions as a strength for helping Christian clients and its role should be studied in further studies.



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