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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Amy Barrios

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Julie McElhany

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Sean Spear


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to establish if transformational leadership influenced teachers’ attitudes and usage of information and communication technologies in an urban public school in Colombia. Transformational leadership components were examined to determine if school leaders exhibited transformational leadership characteristics and if their leadership style influenced teachers’ attitudes and information and communication technologies usage. A convenience sample of 29 primary teachers and four school leaders participated in the study. There were 16 teachers who participated in semistructured interviews and 13 teachers who participated in a 90-minute focus group discussion. Semistructured interviews, document analysis, focus group discussion, and analytic memos were used to gather data on the scope of teachers’ attitudes and use of information and communication technologies. All collected data, including document analysis, were translated from Spanish to English and used to create themes through in vivo coding and process coding. Findings confirmed that three out of four components of transformational leadership were interdependent and affected primary teachers’ use of and attitudes toward information and communication technologies implementation. Findings also indicated that teachers motivated themselves and brought positive social change to this school during the pandemic. All participants desired professional development and more support.

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