Jeanene Reese

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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Graduate School of Theology

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Doctor of Ministry

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David W. Wray

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Tim Sensing

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Angela Brenton


The focus of this project is the creation of a model that provides training and experience for female and male majors in developing meaningful partnership with one another through their required majors' courses in the Department of Bible, Missions, and Ministry at Abilene Christian University. Three central theological perspectives form the framework of the project: (1) a theology of partnership from the creation account in Genesis, (2) partnership as found in the Old Testament narrative, and (3) the establishment of a new order in the New Testament. The research model utilizes ten learning teams of men and women formed in the spring semester of their junior year in an introductory course, followed by a course emphasizing theological reflection in ministry in the fall. Each learning team conducted a ten-hour service­-learning project and reported how effectively their training prepared them to work together in partnership through it. Participation in focus groups as well as writing individual reflection papers about their experiences provided students with opportunities to share their findings. The conclusions of this study indicate that the students valued the training and experience on partnership to varying degrees. Some individuals expressed significant growth and learning about partnership while others reported more modest gains. The study underscored the importance of female-male partnership among ACU Bible majors and suggests the importance of effective working relationships among women and men in ministry.

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