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Hispanic/Latino student enrollment in higher education has increased in recent years. However, persistence and dropout rates in higher education for Hispanic/Latino students are still an issue of great concern. Online degree programs are also on the rise, allowing some Hispanic/Latino students to attend college where there was no opportunity before. Although online programs are an excellent option for Hispanic/Latino students, their persistence and dropping out are also a concern, because Hispanic/Latino students are more likely to drop out of online courses than face-to-face. One of the resources that college students have access to is academic advisors, who serve as a source of support and encouragement. Therefore, it was essential to understand how interactions between Hispanic/Latino students and academic advisors influence persistence decisions when attending online undergraduate degree programs. The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine if satisfaction with advising and frequency of advising appointments predict degree commitment among Hispanic/Latino students enrolled in online bachelor’s degree programs at four-year higher education institutions in Texas. A purposive sample of 87 participants completed online surveys. The results indicated that satisfaction with advising and frequency of advising appointments statistically significantly predicted degree commitment. These findings are significant to the field of academic advising and provide a greater understanding of how valuable academic advising services are in higher education.

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