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Catherine Garner


Nurse turnover is prevalent among new graduate nurses. Many new graduate nurses feel unsupported by their peers, lack self-confidence, or feel overburdened due to the workload assigned to them. New graduate nurses with support systems are more likely to stay with an organization. Research suggests the creation of a supportive environment for new graduate nurses to help increase nurse retention in this demographic. A unit-based transition onboarding program was launched to create a supportive environment to help retain new graduate nurses on a medical-surgical unit. New graduate nurses with at least 1 to 3 years of experience completed a Likert-type survey to indicate the possible stressors they face in the work environment. Four presentations and classes were held on these topics to provide tips on improving these areas. A postpresentation feedback questionnaire was administered to assess the interventions. The results from the questionnaire showed positive feedback and suggested that new graduate nurses would benefit from simulation-based transition programs. A Likert-type survey was given to new graduate nurses. The survey determined the main stressors among new graduate nurses. Classes with interventions on these topics were held weekly over 4 weeks. The feedback questionnaire was given 2 weeks after the classes ended to see if the interventions presented were effective. This study determined the onboarding educational classes were helpful with coping with their surroundings and reducing their stressors, such as communication.

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