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Churches of Christ--History., Restoration movement (Christianity)

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10. The Emergence of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ


Emmanuel Christian Seminary

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Robert Alexander Helsabeck, also known, in the first half of the Twentieth Century, as “Uncle Bob” to many folks in Christian churches and churches of Christ in Virginia and North Carolina, was a preacher who often went to his preaching assignments on horseback. He preached at a complicated circuit of churches in Stokes and Forsyth Counties --- Poplar Springs, King, Capella, and Rural Hall, amongst others. Some of the roads he traveled were better than others, and for many years they were mostly dirt or gravel; weather would help to determine his choice of travel as well. He was, earlier than many other folks, the owner of a Model T Ford, but a significant portion of his travel to the preaching points was on his favorite horse, Prince.

His saddle bag, then, was a crucial item for Grandpa. It carried his Bible, his sermon notes/manuscripts, and some necessary nourishment.


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