A finding aid is a tool for discovery. Examining a finding aid is the essential first step of research in a set of records or a collection of personal papers, documents or manuscripts. A finding aid is a guide to a collection: it describes the creator, scope and content and enables a researcher to make an informed decision if the materials merit closer inspection.

We designed our finding aids to deliver this information in a robust, yet simple and efficient manner. We have assembled a wide range of information about our collections such as creator, donor, dates, language, the extent of the collection, brief scope and content notes, plus suggested forms for citations. We are also preparing PDF finding aids that capture all of this information, plus box, series or even in some cases folder lists, in a single downloadable document.

Where available, the PDF finding aids share a basic format and include these types of information organized into three sections: 1) About this Collection, 2) Using this Collection and 3) an Inventory. Each collection is assigned a unique manuscript number (e.g. MS #1) and are listed in alphabetical order according to the subject or creator of the collection. All of our archival collections are cataloged in the ACU Library online catalog and in Worldcat.

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Finding Aids

Paul C. Witt Papers, Paul C. Witt

Claud Francis Witty Papers, 1907-1948, Claud Francis Witty

John F. Wolfe Papers, 1939-2001, John F. Wolfe

Robert Woodard Papers, 1980-2008, Robert Woodard

Clarendon Enos Wooldridge Papers, 1941-1986, Clarendon E. Wooldridge

World Convention of Churches of Christ Collection, 1930-2008, World Convention of Churches of Christ

David Wray Papers, 2001-2010, David Wray

Cecil N. Wright Papers, 1930-1937, Cecil N. Wright

John Wright Papers, (1844-1847), John Wright

Leonard G. Wymore North American Christian Convention Collection, 1909-2010, Leonard G. Wymore

Ralph C. Yadon Papers, 1920-1950, Ralph C. Yadon

J.P. Young Papers, 1947-1966, J P. Young

Michael Moore Young, 1940-1972, Michael M. Young