A finding aid is a tool for discovery. Examining a finding aid is the essential first step of research in a set of records or a collection of personal papers, documents or manuscripts. A finding aid is a guide to a collection: it describes the creator, scope and content and enables a researcher to make an informed decision if the materials merit closer inspection.

We designed our finding aids to deliver this information in a robust, yet simple and efficient manner. We have assembled a wide range of information about our collections such as creator, donor, dates, language, the extent of the collection, brief scope and content notes, plus suggested forms for citations. We are also preparing PDF finding aids that capture all of this information, plus box, series or even in some cases folder lists, in a single downloadable document.

Where available, the PDF finding aids share a basic format and include these types of information organized into three sections: 1) About this Collection, 2) Using this Collection and 3) an Inventory. Each collection is assigned a unique manuscript number (e.g. MS #1) and are listed in alphabetical order according to the subject or creator of the collection. All of our archival collections are cataloged in the ACU Library online catalog and in Worldcat.

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Finding Aids

Cooper's Chapel Church of Christ Collection (1950-1980)

National Conference of Youth Ministries Collection, (2012-2013)

Slavic World Collection, 1977-2005

11th & Willis Church of Christ Tape Collection, 11th & Willis Church of Christ

56th Street Church of Christ (Philadelphia, PA) Collection, 1888-2016, 56th Street Church of Christ

Abilene Christian College (ACC) Acquisition of Walt Whitman Collection Papers, Abilene Christian College


Abilene Christian College Faculty Wives Records, 1924-1961, Abilene Christian College Faculty Wives

ACC/ACU Lectureship Recordings Collection, 1961-1990, Abilene Christian University

ACU Bible Teachers' Workshop, Abilene Christian University Bible Teachers' Workshop

ACU Lectureship., Abilene Christian University Lectureship


Finding aid for Elbert G. Lewis Papers, (1964-2003), Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives


James Shannon Papers, 1849-1857, Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives


LeMoine Gaunce Lewis Papers, 1936-1995, Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives


Robert Lynn Anderson Papers, 1965-2019, Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives


Vernon Aubrey Hallum Papers, 1962-2011, Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives

ACU Summer Workshops, Abilene Christian University Summer Workshops

Walter H. Adams Papers, Walter H. Adams

James A. Allen, 1946-1951, James A. Allen

Jimmy Allen Papers, 1964-1990, Jimmy Allen

Paul Allen Collection, unknown, Paul Allen

Toni Allen Collection, Toni Allen

Charles G. Anderson Papers, 1947-1997, Charles G. Anderson

Richard Andrejewski Collection, 1960s, Richard Andrejewski

Early Arceneaux Papers (1904-1967), Early Arceneaux

Lylian Arledge Papers, approximately 1950-1975, Lylian Arledge

Fred Asare Collection, 1959-2011, Fred Asare

Tony Ash Papers, Tony Ash

Clyde Neal Austin Papers, 1962-2007, Clyde Neal Austin

Cheryl Bacon Papers, Cheryl Bacon


Richard F. Baggett Papers, (1952), Richard F. Baggett

James D. Bales Papers, 1938-1991, James D. Bales

Norman D. Bales Papers, 1957-2006, Norman D. Bales

Joan Ball Collection, 1960-2000, Joan Ball

John Hugh Banister Papers, 1928-1995, John Hugh Banister

Thomas Raymond "T.R." Bankhead Papers, 1930s-2011, Thomas R. Bankhead

Ellen Kramar Banks Papers, 1971-1983, Ellen K. Banks

William Slater Banowsky Papers, 1965, William S. Banowsky

James T. Barclay Papers, James T. Barclay

Richard Barr Collection, 1975-2005, Richard Barr

Albert C. Bass Papers, 1940-2013, Albert C. Bass

Charles Van Baucom Collection, Charles Baucom

Batsell Barrett Baxter Papers, 1900s-1982, Batsell B. Baxter

June Bearden Papers, June Bearden

Jack Beard Collection, 1950, Jack Beard

Randy Becton Papers, 1945-2015, Randy Becton

Robert S. Bell Papers, 1936-1988, Robert S. Bell

Tim Bench Papers, 2012-2017, Tim Bench

George S. Benson Papers, 1960-1983, George S. Benson

Bering Drive Church of Christ (Houston, TX) Papers, 1962-2012, Bering Drive Church of Christ

Bethany College Collection, Bethany College

Jim Bevis Papers, 1966-2004, Jim Bevis

Bible Science Association Collection, 1960-1970, Bible Science Association

Epifanius Stephan Bilak Papers, 1974-1991, Epi S. Bilak

Epi Stephan Bilak Recordings (1990), Epi S. Bilak

Price Billingsley Papers, 1901-1957, Price Billingsley

William James & Clara Bishop Papers, 1901-1969, William James Bishop and Clara Bishop


James Frank Black Papers, 1940-1946, James Frank Black


Ross Dean Blasingame Papers, 1958-1969, Ross Dean Blasingame

Blue Ridge Encampment Papers, 1952-2002, Blue Ridge Encampment

R.H. Boll Collection, 1948-2012, R H. Boll

Van Bonneau Collection, 1916-2006, Van Bonneau

Phil Boone Collection, 2010-2012, Phil Boone

Boston Movement and Crossroads Movement Collection, 1980-1988, Boston Movement and Crossroads Movement

Reece Vernon Boyd Papers, (1894-2016), Reece Vernon Boyd

Lloyd A. Boyll Papers, 1942-2016, Lloyd A. Boyll

Patricia A. Bradley Hockaday Pamplin Collection, 1939-1942, Patricia A. Bradley Hockaday Pamplin

Kent & Amber Brantly Papers, 2010-2016, Kent Brantly and Amber Brantly

Carl Brecheen Papers, Carl Brecheen

Charles R. Brewer Papers, 1944-1984, Charles R. Brewer

Sam Brittin Collection, 1970s-1980s, Sam Brittin

Broadway Church of Christ Papers, Broadway Church of Christ

Pat Brooks Papers, 1978, Pat Brooks

Wendell Broom Collection, 1950s-2012, Wendell Broom

Wendell Broom Papers, 1958-1985, Wendell Broom

Donald Brown Papers, Donald Brown

Dave Bruce Papers, 1983-1995, Dave Bruce


Rees Odeil and Patti Mattox Bryant Papers, (1957-2007), Rees Odeil Bryant and Patti Mattox Bryant

Dean Bryce Collection, 1973-1995, Dean Bryce

Jeanine Bryce Papers, Jeanine Bryce

Scott Buie Collection, 1886-1946, Scott Buie

Valrie Bullington Collection, 1883-1997, Valrie Bullington

Walter Ellis Burch, Jr. Papers, Walter Ellis Burch Jr

Jack Burford Collection, Jack Burford

Leonard Burford Papers, Leonard Burford

Kenneth Burtch Collection, 1973-1999, Kenneth Burtch

Dawn Leslie Callaway Papers, 1991-2016, Dawn Leslie Callaway

Alexander Campbell Collection, 1829-1940, Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell Papers, 1829-1851, Alexander Campbell

Norris C. Campbell Collection, approximately 1930s-1940s, Norris C. Campbell

Joe L. Cannon Papers, 1941-2012, Joe Cannon

Sherman Cannon Collection, 1937-1996, Sherman Cannon

Lemmon Ewing Carpenter Papers, Lemmon Ewing Carpenter

Carr Family Bible, Carr Family

Martha Carroll Papers, Martha Carroll


George Carter Collection, George Carter

Michael W. Casey Papers, 1987-2007, Michael W. Casey

Center for Christian Education Records, 1980-2000, Center for Christian Education

Central and Northside Churches of Christ (Abilene, TX) Records, 1938-1976, Central and Northside Churches of Christ

Central Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records, 1925-1969, Central Church of Christ in Nashville, TN

Central Hispanic Church of Christ (Abilene, TX) Records, 1997-1999, Central Hispanic Church of Christ

David Chadwell Records, 1980s-2006, David Chadwell

James Howard Childress Papers, James Howard Childress

Christian College Librarians Records, 1992-2012, Christian College Librarians


Christian Scholars' Conference Records, 1981-2009, Christian Scholars' Conference

Christian Standard Bible Art Calendar, 2007-2008, Christian Standard

Christian Village of Abilene, Inc. Records, Christian Village of Abilene

F.M. Churchill Papers, 1977-1992, F M. Churchill

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Abilene First Ward) Records, 1984, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

L. Len Clardy Collection, 1992, L Len Clardy

Thomas Y. Clark Papers, 1960-1981, Thomas Y. Clark

John Clayton Collection, 1977-1990, John Clayton

Clebarro College (Cleburne, TX) Records, Clebarro College

Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ (Wichita, KS) Records, 1906-1975, Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ

Dean Clutter Papers, (1958-2001), Dean Clutter

Nelson Coates Collection, Nelson Coates

Burton Coffman Papers, 1901-1990, Burton Coffman

Horace and Dott Coffman Papers, 1929-2006, Horace Coffman and Dott Coffman

Patty Coldwater Papers, Patty Coldwater

Charles Coleman Papers, Charles Coleman

College of Biblical Studies Materials, College of Biblical Studies

Jim R. Colley Collection, Jim R. Colley

Gaylan Jane Collier Papers, 1947-1991, Gaylan Jane Collier

Communication Department Audio Collection, Communication Department

Gene Harry Conner Collection, 1970-2003, Gene H. Conner

Joseph Conrad Collection, 1868-1914, Joseph Conrad

Drs. Roy and Callie Mae Coons Papers, Roy Coons and Callie Mae Coons

Cooper's Chapel Church of Christ Collection (1950-1980), Cooper's Chapel Church of Christ

Cornell Avenue Church of Christ in Chicago, IL Records, 1940s-1970s, Cornell Avenue Church of Christ


Owen Glen Cosgrove Papers, (1973-1996), Owen Glen Cosgrove

Frank L. Cox Papers, 1937-1938, Frank L. Cox

James Franklin Cox Papers, James Franklin Cox

Earl Craig Sr. Papers, 1936-1991, Earl Craig Sr.

Crossroads Church of Christ A/V Tape Collection, 1979-1991, Crossroads Church of Christ

Crosstown Church of Christ (Tulsa, OK) Records, 1970-1995, Crosstown Church of Christ


Ora Mae Curry Papers, (1917-1921), Ora Mae Curry

D. Dewayne and Ella Jane Davenport Papers, 1955-2005, D. Dewayne Davenport and Ella Jane Davenport

Tommy Davidson Papers, Tommy Davidson

Burl Edward Davis Papers, 1936-1989, Burl Edward Davis

James S. Davis Papers, 1999-2007, James S. Davis


Elsie Green Dement Papers, (1928-1934), Elsie Beatrice Green Dement

Donelson Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records, 1981-2007, Donelson Church of Christ


George Douglas Papers, 1830-1939, George Douglas

James Sterling Dunn Papers, 1892-1922, James Sterling Dunn

William Andrew Elliott Papers, William Andrew Elliott

Alfred Ellmore Papers, 1888-1915, Alfred Ellmore

Austin Hallett Emery, Jr. Papers, 1963-2016, Austin Hallett Emery Jr

Edith Burgess Emett Papers, 1933-1934, Edith Burgess Emett

Edwin Harold Enzor, Jr. Papers, 1935-2015, Edwin Harold Enzor Jr


Ervin Family Papers, (1875-2015), Ervin Family

Mrs. L. J. Estlock Papers, L J. Estlock

Truman Harrison (T.H) Etheridge Papers, 1942-1957, Truman H. Etheridge

European Christian College / International Christian University (Vienna, Austria / Abilene, TX) Records, European Christian College and International Christian University

Bruce Evans Collection, 1980-1993, Bruce Evans


Exodus/New Jersey Records, (1964-1971), Exodus/New Jersey

Tolbert Fanning Estate Collection, approximately 1910s-1920s, Tolbert Fanning

Henry C. Farrar, Jr. Papers, 1973-1993, Henry C. Farrar Jr


William Everett Ferguson Papers, 1941-2014, William Everett Ferguson

James Fife Cassette Tape Collection, 1966-1998, James Fife


Fifth & Beechwood Church of Christ (Pittsburgh, PA) Records, 1931-1972, Fifth and Beechwood Church of Christ (Pittsburgh, PA)

Orval Filbeck Collection, 1897-2001, Orval Filbeck

Charles Max Foster Papers, 2007, Charles M. Foster

Douglas A. Foster Papers, 1930s-2000s, Doug Foster

Montie McGinty Foster Papers, 1949-1992, Montie McGinty Foster

Clois Fowler Collection, 1920-2012, Clois Fowler

Harry Robert Fox, Jr. Papers, 1956-1994, Harry R. Fox Jr.

Joyce Frashier Collection, 1900-1970, Joyce Frashier

William Webb Freeman Papers, William Webb Freeman


William Webb Freeman Papers, 1912-1954, William Webb Freeman


Mable Fuchs Papers, (1920-1921), Mabel Fuchs

Edward William Fudge Papers, 1969-2012, Edward William Fudge

Byron Fullerton Papers, 1939-1954, Byron Fullerton

Tom and Lucy Fullerton Collection, 1930s-1970s, Tom Fullerton and Lucy Fullerton

John Allen Gano Papers, John Allen Gano

Don and Audrey Gardner Papers, Don Gardner and Audrey Gardner

Leroy Garrett Papers, 1947-2004, Leroy Garrett

Paul and Mary Ann Garrett Artifact Collection, 1791-1996, Paul Garrett and Mary Ann Gerrett

Reta Scott Garrett Papers, Reta Scott Garrett

Otis Gatewood Papers, Otis Gatewood

Ghana Bible College Collection, 1967-2013, Ghana Bible College

J.P. Gibson Records, unknown, J P. Gibson

Global Campaigns (Abilene, TX) Records, 1981-1994, Global Campaigns

Good News Productions VHS Tape Collection, 1984, Good News Productions

Benton Cordell Goodpasture Papers, 1854-1991, Benton Cordell Goodpasture


Benton Cordell Goodpasture Papers, 1854-1991, Benton Cordell Goodpasture


John W. Goodwin Papers, (1948-1979), John W. Goodwin


Morlan and Gray Family Papers, (1915-2010), C. G. Gray, G. C. Morlan, and Barbara Morlan Gray

Great Songs of the Church Artifacts, Great Songs of the Church

Frank Grimes Papers, 1921-1961, Frank Grimes


Claude Adrian Guild Papers, 1939-1992, Claude Adrian Guild

Sammie Guild Papers, Sammie Guild

William Douglass & Charline F. Gunselman Papers, 1942-2009, William Douglass Gunselman and Charline F. Gunselman

William Douglass & Charline F. Gunselman Papers, 1942-2009, William Douglass Gunselman and Charline F. Gunselman

Homer Hailey Papers (1892-1998), Homer Hailey

J.D. Hall, Jr. Papers, 1954-1971, J D. Hall Jr

Randy Hall Collection, 1920-1950, Randy Hall

Randy Hall Collection, 1920-1950, Randy Hall

Robert J. Hall Papers, 1951-2004, Robert J. Hall

Donald Winfred Hampton Collection, Donald W. Hampton

Hance Audio Tape Collection, 1979-1984, Jim Hance

Etha Hobbs Hansen Papers, 1908-1978, Etha Hobbs Hansen

Ray and Nancy Hansen Papers (1943), Ray Hansen and Nancy Hansen

John Gresham Hardin Papers, 1933-1956, John Gresham Hardin

Bob Hare Collection, 1950s-1980s, Bob Hare


David Edwin Harrell, Jr. Papers, 1923-2017, David Edwin Harrell Jr

Nina C. Harrell Papers, Approximately 1950-1965, Nina C. Harrell


Harris and Irving Church of Christ (San Angelo, TX) Records, 1952-1967, Harris and Irving Church of Christ (San Angelo, TX)

Mary Odle Harris Collection, 1955-2001, Mary O. Harris

Erin Heathington Papers, Erin Heathington

Lanny Henninger Papers, 1960s-1996, Lanny Henninger

Leon Henthorn Collection, 1906-1922, Leon Henthorn

Don L. Hicks Papers, Don L. Hicks

Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, TX Records, 1969-1995, Highland Church of Christ, Abilene, TX

Jerry Hill Papers, 1959-2014, Jerry Hill

Hillsboro Church of Christ Papers, 1957-1973, Hillsboro Church of Christ

Philip J. Himes Papers, 1943-1992, Philip J. Himes

Bill D. Hoffman Collection, Bill D. Hoffman

Abigail Curlee Holbrook Papers, 1924-1999, Abigail Curlee Holbrook


George Phillip Holt, Sr. Papers, 1971-1972, G. P. Holt

Steve Holt, Sr. Papers, 1975-2009, Steve Holt Sr

Edwin F. Hoover Papers, Edwin F. Hoover

Howard Patrick Horton Papers, 1947-2000, Howard Patrick Horton

Paul William Hosse Papers, 1949-2015, Paul William Hosse

Howard Publishing Hymn Writer Photograph Collection, Howard Publishing Company

Bill Humble Collection, 1960-1995, Bill Humble

Bob Hunter Collection, 1938-1972, Bob Hunter

Clinton Hurley Collection, 1950s-2000, Clinton Hurley

Ibaraki Christian College (Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) Records, 1953-1956, Ibaraki Christian College

Herald of Truth Records, McGarvey Ice

McGarvey Ice Collection, 1998-2011, McGarvey Ice

Vernon & Ruthe Jackson Papers, 1955-2012, Vernon Jackson and Ruthe Jackson

Larry James Tape Collection, 1975-2001, Larry James

Willis Jernigan Papers, 1970s-2000s, Willis Jernigan

Roland Johnson Papers, 1929-2014, Roland Johnson

Jordan Times Records, January 5-6 1984, Jordan Times

Loreta Kelley Papers, 1929-2015, Loreta Kelley

L.W. Kelley Papers, L W. Kelley

V.W. and Loretta Kelley Papers, V W. Kelley and Loretta Kelley

Harold Kennamer Papers, Harold Kennamer

James M. & Kathryn Kerby Tolle Collection, 1559-1952, James M. Kerby and Kathryn Kerby

Jerry Ketcherside Collection, 1950-1989, Jerry Ketcherside

William Carl Ketcherside Papers, 1988-1989, William C. Ketcherside

Victor Knowles Papers, 1945-, Victor Knowles


Christine "Chris" Kyker Papers, 1946-2017, Chris Kyker

Orlando Clayton Lambert Papers, 1918-1956, Orlando Clayton Lambert

Thomas Langford Papers, 1950-2011, Thomas Langford


Theophilus Brown Larimore Papers, 1907-1935, Theophilus Brown Larimore

Cammie McKeever Lawrence Collection, 1865-1947, Cammie M. Lawrence

Douglas LeCroy Papers, 1908-1993, Douglas LeCroy

David Leeson Photographs, 1985-1990, David Leeson

Steven Lemley Collection, 1880-2007, Steven Lemley

Albert George Lemmons Papers, 1855-2014, Albert G. Lemmons

Albert George Lemmons Papers, 1855-2014, Albert G. Lemmons


Reuel Gordon Lemmons Papers, (1908-1989), Reuel Gordon Lemmons

Charles and Faye Leonard Bible Timeline Scroll Collection, 1984-2005, Charles Leonard and Faye Leonard

Jack P. Lewis Papers, 1943-1995, Jack P. Lewis


John Parham Lewis Papers, 1926-1985, John Parham Lewis

John Thomas Lewis Collection, 1900, John T. Lewis

Abe Lincoln Records, unknown (approximately 1980s-1990s), Abe Lincoln


Bill R. Love Papers, 1979-1993, BIll R. Love

D'Esta Love Papers, 1985-2014, D'Esta Love

Erma Jean Loveland Papers, Erma Jean Loveland


James Lacy Lovell Papers, 1930-1995, James Lacy Lovell


Max Lucado Papers, (1965-2016), Max Lucado

Bill Luttrell Papers, 1989, Bill Luttrell


Dudley Lynch Papers, 1950-2007, Dudley Lynch


William Mardell Lynch Papers, 1939-2003, William Mardell Lynch

Mac Lynn Collection, 1980-2000s, Mac Lynn

Monty Lynn Papers, 1984, Monty Lynn

Magic Valley Christian College (Albion, ID) Records, Magic Valley Christian College

Joe Malone Papers (1925-1999), Joe Malone

Jim Mankin Papers, 1949-1997, Jim Mankin

J.C. and Betty Mann Papers, 1927-2000s, J C. Mann and Betty Mann

Margaret Sanford Mansur Papers, Margaret Sanford Mansur

Robert K. Marcho Papers, 1987-1993, Robert K. Marcho

Charlie Marler Papers, 1963-2013, Charlie Marier

Bill Martin Collection, approximately 1950s, Bill Martin

Bob Massey Music Collection, Bob Massey

Carl P. Matheny Papers, 1987-2003, Carl P. Matheny

Morris Solon May Papers (1956-1995), Morris Solon May

James Harding McCaleb Papers, James Harding McCaleb

General Carl B. McDaniel Papers, Carl B. McDaniel

M.F. McKnight and Fidelity Films, M F. McKnight and Fidelity Films

Millard Freeman (Mid) McKnight Collection, unknown (approximately 1950s-1970s), Millard F. McKnight


Edward Washington McMillan Papers, (1863-1986), Edward Washington McMillan

Glenn Earle McMillan Papers, 1950-1971, Glenn E. McMillan

Prentice Avery Meador, Jr. Papers, 1953-2008, Prentice Avery Meador Jr

James Meadows Papers, 1978-2008, James Meadows

Mary Larimore Meeks Papers, 1869, Mary L. Meeks

David R. Mickey Papers, 1959-2001, David R. Mickey

Elaine Mickey Papers, 1960-1963, Elaine Mickey

Leslie and Imogene Mickey Collection, 1940s-1980s, Leslie Mickey and Imogene Mickey

Wayne Mickey Papers, Wayne Mickey

L. Haven Miller Papers, L Haven Miller

Callie Faye Milliken Papers, 1934-1990, Callie Faye Milliken

Church Tape Collection, approximately 1980-1999, Ministers

Cloth Sermon Charts, 1940s-1970s, Ministers

Great Communion Collection, 2009, Ministers

Restoration Movement Audio Tapes, 1973-1976, Ministers

Sermon Charts Collection, Ministers

Visualized Bible Study Series Collection, 1950s, Ministers

Minter Lane Church of Christ Collection, 1951-2004, Minter Lane Church of Christ

Mirror Lake Christian Church (St. Petersburg, FL) Records, 1920-1991, Mirror Lake Christian Church

E.E. Mitchell Collection, 1950s-1970s, E E. Mitchell

Ethelyn Mitchell Collection, 1870-1996, Ethelyn Mitchell

Lynn Mitchell Papers, 2007-2008, Lynn Mitchell

Royce Lynn Money Papers, 1973-1974, Royce Lynn Money

Homer E. Moore Papers, 1889-1892, Homer E. Moore

Wendel Lavern Moore Papers, 1951-1986, Wendel Lavern Moore

A.M. Morris Papers, 1869-1977, A M. Morris

Don Heath Morris Papers, 1860-1974, Don Heath Morris

Bobby Morrow Collection, 1956-1984, Bobby Morrow

K. C. Moser Papers, 1922-2000, K C. Moser

Moulmein Road Church of Christ in Singapore Photos, Moulmein Road Church of Christ

Boyce Mouton Tapes, Boyce Mouton

Mt. Olive Baptist Church Records (Morgan County, OH), 1827-2008, Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Marcus Mullins Papers, 1993-2007, Marcus Mullins


Sarah Martha Murphree Papers, 1958-2003, Sarah Martha Murphree

William F. Nash Papers, 1983-2003, William F. Nash

National Conference of Youth Ministries Collection, (2012-2013), National Conference of Youth Ministries


Charles McKendree Neal Papers, 1933, Charles M. Neal


Stella Thompson Nelson and Effie Thompson Harlan Papers, (1898-1925), Stella Thompson Nelson and Effie Thompson Harlan

New Salem Church of Christ (Snowville, VA) Records, 1890-1964, New Salem Church of Christ

New Zealand Christian Records, 1994, New Zealand Christian


Charles Ready Nichol Papers, 1926-1961, Charles Ready Nichol

Joseph Luryl Nisbett Collection, Joseph Luryl Nisbett

Morris D. Norman Papers, 1948-2012, Morris D. Norman

John Lee Norris Papers, 1927-1952, John Lee Norris

Northeastern Christian Junior College Collection, 1986-1991, Northeastern Christian Junior College

Theodore Orosco Norton Papers, 1937-1982, Theodore Orosco Norton

Warder Novak Papers, 1961-1971, Warder Novak

Ancel Edward Nunn Collection, 2002, Ancel Edward Nunn

Robert Kerry Oglesby, Sr. Papers, 1933-, Robert Kerry Oglesby Sr


Thomas Henry Olbricht Papers, 1934-1982, Thomas Henry Olbricht

Mary C. Oler Papers, Mary C. Oler

Kenith S. & Lillian H. O'Neil Papers, Kenith S. O'Neil and Lillian H. O'Neil


Orem Church of Christ (Orem, Utah) Records, 1946-2006, Orem Church of Christ

Wilson C. Orr Papers, 1971-2003, Wilson C. Orr

Carroll Osburn Papers, 1986-1988, Carroll Osburn

Unity Meeting Records, 1988, Otis Chapel


Bonnie Deal Packer Papers, (1918-1920), Bonnie Deal Packer


Frank Pack Papers, (1940-1989), Walter Frank Pack

Willard and Billie Paine Papers, 1970s-2000s, Willard Paine and Billie Paine

F.L. Paisley Papers, 1923-1972, F L. Paisley

LaVega Parker Bible Filmstrip Collection, approximately 1980-1995, LaVega Parker

Elmer and Bessie Patterson Papers, Elmer Patterson and Bessie Patterson

Noble Patterson Collection, 1929-1969, Noble Patterson

Noble Festus Patterson, Jr. Papers, 1938-2013, Noble Festus Patterson Jr

Willa B. Patterson Collection, 1916-1946, Willa B. Patterson

Kathryn Lucile Patton Papers, 1940-2000, Kathryn L. Patton

Gary Pearson Collection, Gary Pearson


Pecos River Family Encampment Papers, (1944-1996), Pecos River Family Encampment

Lowell G. Perry Papers, 1965-1977, Lowell G. Perry

Myrta Blanche Perry Papers, 1895-1990, Myrta Blanche Perry

Lamar Plunket Papers, 1960-2000, Lamar Plunket

Plymouth Park Church of Christ (Irving, TX) Merger Papers,1970s-1990s, Plymouth Park Church of Christ

Potter Bible College Records, 1908, Potter Bible College

James Marvin Powell Papers, 1840-1990, James Marvin Powell

Ted Presley Papers, 1971-1986, Ted Presley

Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Pribble, Jr. Papers, Fred A. Pribble Jr

James Priest Papers, 1930-2005, James Priest

Charles Prince Records, 1991, Charles Prince

Harvie Mac Pruitt Papers, 1918-1967, Harvie M. Pruitt

George Henry Pryor Showalter Papers, George Henry Pryor Showalter

C.M. Pullias Collection, approximately 1920-1930, C M. Pullias

Grant Rampy Collection (1985-2004), Grant Rampy

Grant Rampy Collection, 1985-2004, Grant Rampy

Robert McMillan Randolph Papers, 1930-2015, Robert McMillan Randolph

Lenora McEwen Reaves Collection, unknown (approximately 1945-1960), Lenora M. Reaves

Perry C. Reeves Papers, Perry C. Reeves

William Reeves Collection, 1960s-2000s, William Reeves

Restoration Forum Collection, 1987-2007, Restoration Forum

Restoration Quarterly Records, 1990s-2000s, Restoration Quarterly

The Holbert Rideout Collection, 1980s-2000s, Holbert Rideout

James Ridgeway Collection, 1970s, James Ridgeway


Andy Thomas Ritchie, Jr. Papers, 1930-1970, Andy Thomas Ritchie Jr.

Riverside Drive Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records, 1953-2014, Riverside Drive Church of Christ

Hubert Roarch Collection, 1951-1960, Hubert Roarch

Charles Heber Roberson Papers, 1939-1940, Charles H. Roberson

Charles Heber Roberson Papers, Charles Heber Roberson


J W Roberts Papers, 1946-1972, J. W. Roberts

R.L. Roberts Collection, 1921-2001, R L. Roberts

Rochester College Tape Collection, 1977-1985, Rochester College

Clifton Rogers Papers, 1941-1990, Clifton Rogers


Thomas Wesley Rogers Papers, (1962-1985), Thomas Wesley Rogers

George Arthur Roggendorff Papers, 1959-1992, George Arthur Roggendorff

Sabinal Christian College (Sabinal, TX) Records, 1905-1922, Sabinal Christian College

Howard Lesher Schug Papers, 1920-1976, Howard Lesher Schug

Robert Scott Collection, 2006-2010, Robert Scott


Ila Duncan Sewell Papers, 1921-1924, Ila Duncan Sewell

Jesse Parker Sewell Papers, Jesse Parker Sewell

Stephen Shaffer Rochester (NY) Exodus Collection, 1966-2003, Stephen Shaffer

Eddie Sharp Papers, 1980s-2007, Eddie Sharp

Leon Sharp Papers, Leon Sharp

Ian Shelburne Collection, Ian Shelburne

Ernest David Shelton Papers, Ernest David Shelton

Frank Beauchamp Shepherd Papers, 1920s-2014, Frank B. Shepherd


James Walton Shepherd Papers, 1827-2002, James Walton Shepherd


William Newton Short, Jr. Papers, 1948-1997, William Newton Short Jr.

Milton Vaden Showalter Papers, 1953-1961, Milton Vaden Showalter

Charles Siburt, Jr. Papers, 1970-2012, Charles Siburt

Charles Austin Siburt, Sr. Papers, 1930-1975, Charles A. Siburt Sr.

William Claude Sikes Papers, William Claude Sikes

Billie Silvey Papers, Billie Silvey

Skillman Avenue Church of Christ (Dallas, TX) Records, 1970-2010, Skillman Avenue Church of Christ

Slater Family Papers, 1928-2016, Slater Family

Slavic World for Christ (Abilene, TX) Records,1974-2003, Slavic World for Christ

George Dallas Smith Papers, 1895-1921, George Dallas Smith

Henry Earl Smith Papers, 1922-1967, Henry Earl Smith

Lawrence Leon Smith, Sr. Papers, 1924-1982, Lawrence Leon Smith Sr

Mary Wade Smith Papers, Mary Wade Smith

Paul Smith Papers, 1950-1971, Paul Smith

Dr. Ralph Smith Papers, Ralph Smith

Ralph Adam Smith, 1940s-1970s, Ralph A. Smith

Robert D. & Lula Smith Papers, 1898-1993, Robert D. Smith and Lula Smith

William Roy Smith Papers, 1951-1969, William Roy Smith

Gary Sorrells Papers, Gary Sorrells

Southern Hills Church of Christ (Abilene, TX) Collection, 1972-ca.2003, Southern Hills Church of Christ

Paul and Margaret Southern Papers, Paul Southern and Margaret Southern

South Houston Bible Training Work Papers, 1986-1999, South Houston Bible Training Work Workshops

Southwest Central Church of Christ (Houston, TX) Records, 1940-1999, Southwest Central Church of Christ

Carl Spain Papers, 1969-1990, Carl Spain

Carl Spain Papers, 1969-1990, Carl Spain


Gaines Beachamp Stanley, Sr. Papers, (1940-2010), Gaines Beachamp Stanley Senior

Starling Family Papers, 1930-2000, Starling

Mission Journal, Carl H. Stem Papers, 1967-1990, Carl H. Stem

Barton W. Stone Papers, Barton W. Stone

H.R. Stringer Collection, 1918-2010, H R. Stringer

H.R. Stringer Collection, 1918-2010, H R. Stringer

J. Ridley Stroop Collection, 1859-2002, J Ridley Stroop

Larry Sullivan Collection, (approximately 1940s-1970s), Larry Sullivan

Larry Sullivan Collection, (approximately 1940s-1970s), Larry Sullivan

Clyde O. Summers Papers, Clyde O. Summers


Austin Taylor Papers, 1916, Austin Taylor

Boyd and Geneva Taylor Collection, 1938-1998, Boyd Taylor and Geneva Taylor


Tillit Sydney Teddlie Papers, 1885-1987, Tillit Sydney Teddlie

James Gordon Teel Papers, 1942-1995, James Gordon Teel

Hilton C. Terry Papers, ca. 1950-1996, Hilton C. Terry


Homer Lee Terry Papers, 1955-1984, Homer Lee Terry

J.D. Thomas Papers, 1943-1948, J D. Thomas

J.D. Thomas Papers, J. D. Thomas

J. Harold Thomas Papers, 1936-1989, J H. Thomas

Carladean Thompson Papers, Carladean Thompson

James Weldon Thompson Papers, 1972-2013, James Weldon Thompson

Reginald Thurman Papers, 1980-1989, Reginald Thuman

Dena Tinkle Collection, Dena Tinkle

Rodney Alexander Toms Papers, Rodney Alexander Toms

Paul M. Tucker Papers, 1940s-2000s, Paul M. Tucker, M. Timothy Tucker, Marcus Shira, and John Mark Tucker

Shawn Tyler Papers, 1990s-2000s, Shawn Tyler

Unbound Word Prison Ministry Records, 1980s-2006, Unbound Word Prison Ministry

University Avenue Church of Christ (Austin, TX), Records, University Avenue Church of Christ

University Church of Christ (Abilene, TX) Records, 1903-1987, University Church of Christ

Chattanooga Bible Institute Cassette Tape Collection, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

John W. (J.W.) Vandivier Collection, 1850-1927, John (JW) W. Vandivier

Dwayne Dale VanRheenen Papers, 1962-2015, Dwayne Dale VanRheenen

Gailyn Van Rheenen Papers, 1972-2016, Gailyn VanRheenen

Austin Varner Papers, 1939-1985, Austin Varner

George Washington Varner Papers, George Washington Varner

Sidney Vaughn Papers, 1978-1995, Sidney Vaughn

Rex Vermillion Collection, 1967-1970, Rex Vermillion

Jacob Vincent Papers, 1959-1995, Jacob Vincent

Don E. Vinzant Papers, 1945-2006, Don E. Vinzant

Forrest R. Waldrop Papers, 1927-1985, Forrest R. Waldrop


Henry Alexander Walker Papers, 1957-1976, Henry Alexander Walker

Mickey Winston Walker Collection, 1937-1960s, Mickey W. Walker

Gervais Knox Wallace Papers, 1929-1988, Gervais K. Wallace


Glenn L. Wallace, 1930-1970, Glenn L. Wallace

Alfred Waller Collection, ca. 1940-1950, Alfred Waller

Loudie Warlick Papers, 1947-1963, Loudie Warlick

Jewell Watson Papers, 1911-1983, Jewell Watson

Lawrence Arnold Watson, Sr. Papers, 1950s-2000s, Lawrence A. Watson Sr.


Ethel Lorraine Webb Small Papers, 1960-1980, Ethel Lorraine Webb Small

Jack Welch Papers, 1941-1996, Jack Welch

Louie Welch Papers, 1984, Louie Welch

West Islip Church of Christ (Long Island, NY) Records, 1962-2002, West Islip Church of Christ

Westview Boys' Home (Hollis, OK) Records, 2003, Westview Boys' Home

John Archibald Wheeler Papers, 1930s-1999, John Archibald Wheeler

J.C. Whitehead Crossroads Church of Christ Tape Collection, 1978-1989, J C. Whitehead


White's Ferry Road School of Preaching Collection, (1958-1972), White's Ferry Road School of Preaching

James Orville Wilburn Papers, 1927-1970, James Orville Wilburn

Mrs. R.H. (Vera) Wilkerson, 1973, R (Vera) H. Wilkerson

John Wilkins Papers, John Wilkins

Lucille Adrian Wilks Papers, Lucille Adrian Wilks

Albert Frederick William Schoenrock II Collection, Albert Frederick Willam Schoenrock II

Bob E. Wille Collection, approximately 1935-2008, Bob E. Wille

James Durward Willeford Papers, 1928-1967, James Durward Willeford

Mima Ann Williams Papers, 1916-1957, Mima Ann Williams

Wendell Willis Collection, 1963-1993, Wendell Willis

Collin McKinney Wilmeth Papers, Collin McKinney Wilmeth

Woodrow Wilson Papers, 1947-1948, Woodrow Wilson

Paul C. Witt Papers, Paul C. Witt

Claud Francis Witty Papers, 1907-1948, Claud Francis Witty

John F. Wolfe Papers, 1939-2001, John F. Wolfe

Robert Woodard Papers, 1980-2008, Robert Woodard

Clarendon Enos Wooldridge Papers, 1941-1986, Clarendon E. Wooldridge

World Convention of Churches of Christ Collection, 1930-2008, World Convention of Churches of Christ

David Wray Papers, 2001-2010, David Wray

Cecil N. Wright Papers, 1930-1937, Cecil N. Wright

John Wright Papers, (1844-1847), John Wright

Leonard G. Wymore North American Christian Convention Collection, 1909-2010, Leonard G. Wymore

Ralph C. Yadon Papers, 1920-1950, Ralph C. Yadon